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Realeza Ridge Country Homes

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The Dream of Country Living now Realized.

Unhurried and Relaxed, Rest and Reconnect with Nature and Loved Ones.

The Development

Realeza Ridge Country Homes is a 5.3 Hectare Master-Developed Country-Home Community in Metro Baguio. A First-class, gated community of only Country Homes, Realeza Ridge will feature spacious lot sizes, wide roads, sidewalks,, Waste Management Collection and Disposal System, 24-hour roving security, Private Water Supply and more.

Likewise, Realeza Ridge Country Homes will include a General Store, Indoor & Outdoor Sports Recreation Center, Scattered Parks & Play Grounds, Conventio

n Rooms, and a Trading Post that features a Coffee Shop, Bakery, Library and Grocery.

The Location

Situated 900m or 3,000ft above sea level and surrounded by untouched, natural beauty, Realeza Ridge Country Homes has commanding, 360degree views of the West Phlippine Sea and also the Nature Reserve of Mt. Sto. Tomas., making it the Ideal location for cool, country living.

A first of it’s kind along the All-weather, All-Season Marcos Highway, Realeza Ridge Country Homes is located on top of a mountain hill at the Southwestern tip of the Cordillera Mountain Range and lies in the Municipality of Tuba, Benguet- which is part of Metro Baguio.

Ideally located along Marcos Highway, Realeza Ridge Country Homes is just 45mins from Airports and just 16km or 15 to 25 mins, smooth, traffic-free driving to Baguio City. With the completion of the SCTEX Extension to Rosario, La Union (2013) travel time to and from Manila will be cut in half, further increasing the value and lure of the area.

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The Experience

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Many have dreamed of not only experiencing, but living in a safe, serene and secured Country-Home Community.  Here at Realeza Ridge Country Homes

it is our desire to bring this dream to life.  From each open lawn and  front porch, to the community Church, Trading Post and Sports Center, Realeza Ridge Country Homes is designed to connect its residents and build a true community.  A place not only to reconnect and reunite with nature and loved ones, but a place to find rest and be at peace.  At Realeza Ridge Country Homes, the dream of simple living in a country home is now Realized.


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Why Metro Baguio?

Metro Baguio remains the one place in the Philippines we know of where all those who come up, either extend their stay or say they don’t want to come down. A place where warm memories of friends and family are wrapped in it’s year-round, cool weather.

With an average year-round temperature of 15-26 degrees Celsius, Metro Baguio, in general, is 8 degrees cooler any month compared to any other place in the Philippine lowlands. Because of this, Baguio City remains a prime tourist destination in Luzon, The Summer Capital of the Philippines, and a favorite venue for Seminars, Conferences, Retreats, weddings, and honeymoons.

Baguio is one of the only places in the Philippines where local tourists outnumber foreign and Balikbayan visitors. Baguio is also the only place in the Philippines where people visit every month of the year despite it being rainy or dry. And with the newly renovated, all-season, all-weather Marcos highway connecting with the new SCTEX extension in Rosario, La Union, we can only see the already great numbers increasing.


Why Realeza Ridge Country Homes – Metro Baguio?

Many have dreamed of owning a home and living in Baguio City. With year-round cool temperatures, a small-town America feel, beautiful nature all around, one can clearly see why. Unfortunately, with this over-all appeal, Baguio is now experiencing overpopulation-which has caused increased levels of pollution and garbage, and now even water supply is no longer abundant for all, with many having to order water for delivery. Despite this, Baguio city continues to expand, grow and develop, but what about those who want the Baguio of yester years?

Realeza Ridge Country Homes is located 16km outside Baguio City and lies on top gently rolling hills along  the all-season, all weather, Marcos Highway. Taloy Sur, Tuba, which is part of Metro Baguio, presents an ideal location where one can be outside the chaos of the city, but close enough to reach schools, malls and hospitals in just 15 minutes, smooth, traffic-free driving.

Chosen because of it’s 900m or 3,000ft elevation, in Realeza Ridge Country Homes, you can experience the ideal cool weather we Filipinos love all year round. The great thing about it is the climate is warm enough to enjoy a swim. Because of its hill-top location, Realeza Ridge Country Homes has commanding, panoramic views of the West Philippine Sea to the west, unblocked views of the Cordillera Mountain Range, and the Nature Reserve of Mt. Sto Tomas to the east.

The location of Realeza Ridge Country Homes is truly, a heavenly place. It is where the sounds of the city are replaced with the sounds of nature, and where the city lights are seen far below with the black, star-filled sky above.

Why Realeza Ridge Country Homes, Why Now?

Our world has changed, and continues to change with such speed. We see an ever-growing population causing overpopulation in many areas. We see the many problems of the world and the burden of work pressing down on so many families and thus affecting their health-physically, emotionally and spiritually. And because of all of these events and more, there has been an inner cry for retreat & escape – a vacation from it all. Growing within us all, we believe, there is a heart-felt desire for simple living by getting back to the basics of life.

A life where there was time to rest & relax without high cost or guilt. A time to read, retreat and reflect on all God’s good blessings; and a time and place to really reconnect with nature and reunite with our loved ones – getting back to a time and place where life was unhurried, uncomplicated yet eternally significant.

We believe it is now time to get out of the city. Urbanization is spreading all over the Philippines, and there has never been a time where so many high-rise, high-density projects have been built in our history. So many people are buying into it, but most don’t really know what they are buying into.

How many of us have really lived in a building with 30, 60 or 80 units per floor with other buildings exactly alike next door?

It is unheard of until now.

And because of this trend, tens of thousand have bought into an investment they won’t eventually want to live in, nor be able to rent out, because of the over-supply. Soon, but not soon enough, these buyers will realize this and long for something else, something different.

With the news of the SCTEX extension to Rosario, La Union and it’s completion date of 2013, plus the renovation of the all-weather, all-season Marcos Highway, Baguio City and its surroundings are top on the list of many developers. The completion of these roads will revive the desire for many to move to Baguio, and will further increase the numbers of local and foreign tourist as these new roads will cut travel time from Manila by half.

The Opportunity to Live, Earn & Enjoy

Because the majority of tourists drive on Marcos Highway going up to Baguio, we see Realeza Ridge Country Homes not only becoming a place where one can raise a family and grow old, but also a place where tourist and locals, alike, will continue to visit each year. As we say, “Why rent a hotel room, when you can rent a beautiful country home for the same price?”

A part from running the Residential Property Management, Realeza Ridge Country Homes will also include a Hotel Property Management group to take care of the management, marketing and maintenance of those qualified homes that will be rented out to families, corporations and churches for their weddings, reunions, conferences and retreats.

For those qualified homes, the opportunity to Live, Earn & Enjoy becomes a dream, Realized!

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Model Homes & Floor Plans

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Development Team

Realeza Ridge Country Homes is a Master-Planned, Joint Venture Project Between WVYoung Development Solutions, Inc. & Realeza Development Corporation.

Other Partners include:

Building Contractors, ALPA PCM,INC.

Design & Concepts, MMTIDANG Design Consultants,

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment , Inspiring Innovations, Inc.

Sales & Marketing, WVYoung Wealth & Wellness Planners

Legal Consultants, Aritao & Aritao Law Firm


Price Range

Current Price: P8,000 per sqm

Available Promo: P6,500 per sqm

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